700 NEC - Carbon fiber non-expanding chucks

The carbon fiber non expanding chuck is used for the reel unwinding (Paper or Tissue) with tangential belts.

It is extremely lightweight design allows a better manual handling, avoiding having to use lifting systems for the chuck’s insertion in the reel and the extraction from the reel. The steel sleeve covering protects the carbon from the crane lifting hooks. The chuck is without welds, or rivets, and features replaceable poly inserts. The mounting flange is always custom-made.

Standard sizes available for this Model are listed below.


  • Diameter: ≥ 3” ≤ 20”
  • Weight: ≥ 10 kg ≤ 25 kg
  • Reel’s weight: ≥ 1.000 kg ≤ 5.000 kg
  • Materials: carbon fiber, aluminium alloy, steel and plastic materials

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