Business form print inspection system

Quality assurance of slip (general form) for paperwork and medical package insert. Special detection circuit dedicated to text defect has been developed to correspond to severe inspection needs of business form and package insert.

Business form print inspection system detects dirt, ink spatter, incomplete text and broken text on both sides of printed products of high-speed online printing.

  • Special detection circuits for text and color defect, dedicated to business form industry
  • High speed 3 CCD camera with high-speed processing technology realizes a high performance and high accurate inspection.
  • Position correction function(XY correction) for sheet meandering and deviation due to machine delivery
  • Both sided inspection is possible by 1 inspection system
  • Linking to defect data management system makes it possible to conduct a traceability on stored defect data anytime.
Model Trinity Well SLC701(2 cameras)
Camera specification 2048 pixels
Camera type CCD-3LINE (SLC7series)
Min. resolution
for both sides
Inspection speed 150m/min(Depends on machine specification)
Inspection target Printed paper
Inspection width 500mm(Corresponding to each inch)
Target defect Ink spatter, foreign material, missing ink, oil spot
Detection circuit Streak, color extraction, pale color,
text defect, minute sized defect
Defect filing 6-8 defects per 1 repeat
Features Display a developmental distribution of defect.
Defect image and location can be confirmed.(Printing out)
Interactive user-friendly operation by touch panel

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