A cold microperforator unit for various applications, the TBI100 consists of a perforation group made of a perforation roller, on which the pin cylinders are mounted, and a counter roller, which can be made of natural fiber or rubber depending on the material to be processed. The latter brings the film into contact with the former.

The perforation roller is driven by the motion of the material and rotates accordingly, up to a maximum speed of 200 meters/minute. This system offers a good value-for-money solution. Pneumatic cylinders that move the counter roller close to the perforation roller easily activate the perforation process. An integrated Adjusting Penetration System regulates the depth to which the pins can penetrate the material, thus allowing for modification of the diameter of the holes.

The unit is compatible with all production lines.


Material LDPE, HDPE, Cling Film; Coatings, Aluminum, Paper, Food PVC, PU.
Maximum Working Width 2,600 mm
Unit Type Cold Micro-unit
Maximum speed 200 meters per minute
Motor No
Diameter of the hole 80 Micron 1.8 mm
Air Pressure 26 BAR
Penetration Adjustment System Yes

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