Blade Perforator Panther100

The Panther100 is a solution for longitudinally slitting plastic film on a moving web, with circular blades. It guarantees high-quality slits and it is designed to meet specific and tailor-made needs.

The perforation roller is mounted with rows of toothed circular blades that can be installed at a minimum distance of 5 mm between them. A natural fiber contrast roller supports the cutting process. The Panther 100 can produce slits up to a length of 15mm. The shape, number of teeth and their dimension are tailor-made, depending on the need. The blades can be made of steel, stainless steel and coated with either carbonium or titanium. An integrated Adjusting Penetration System regulates the depth of the blade penetration in the film. The unit is designed to be installed on a hosting machine and it is compatible with all production lines. A roller with few blades is used for applications such as an easy opening system for juices or for precutting nets. More blades are needed for applications such as plastic film for protecting vegetables.


  • Maximum Working Width = 2500 mm;
  • Maximum Thickness = 800 mm;
  • Maximum Speed = 300 meters / minute;
  • Motor = yes;
  • Maximum Length of slits = 15 mm;
  • Minimum distance between slits = 5 mm;
  • Penetration Adjustment System = yes.

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