Cross Pre-Cut PC10

The PC10 is a solution for the cross perforation tear of plastic film on a moving web . It guarantees high-quality cross tears on stretchable materials.

The PC10 is designed to work on partially stretchable materials like HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, and nonwoven fabric. It is ideal for creating solid and efficient pre-cuts. Cross perforation tear is a solution for creating small cuts with blades. Its purpose is to facilitate for the end-users the tearing of plastic material (i.e. easy opening to separate trash bags).

The unit operates with two rotating bars, whose synchronized movement enables the cutting of the material. On the main bar, one or two lines of blades are installed. The supporting bar hosts the material while the blades cut it. An electronic system (with an encoder with measuring wheel and photocell) sets and regulates the distance between cross perforation lines. A touch-screen panel enables control of operating settings.

The PC10 model works on a film of a maximum width of 2400mm and a thickness of 800 microns. Maximum operating speed is 120 meters/minute. The minimum distance between cuts is 300mm and it can be adjusted by Laserpinís touchscreen control system.

MATERIALS = LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, Non-woven fabrics (NON WOVEN).

  • Maximum Working Width = 2400 mm;
  • Maximum Thickness = 800 mm;
  • Maximum Speed = 120 meters / minute;
  • Motor = yes;
  • Minimum distance between tears = 300 mm;
  • TouchscreenControl System = yes;
  • Penetration Adjustment System = yes.

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