Microperforator H100

The micro perforator H100 is the lightest model of Laserpin’s hot perforation range. It guarantees perfect micro-holes in all types of thermoplastic film. The operating speed can reach a maximum of 150 meters/minute. It is recommended for low-density perforations and with thin materials.

The H100 consists of a perforation group made of a heating system, a perforation roller, on which the pin cylinders are mounted, and a counter roller, which can be made of natural fiber or rubber depending on the material to be processed. The latter brings the film into contact with the former. The heating system consists of two sets of infrared lamps with a starter power of 8Kw per meter, with segmented power on three independent power channels, PID managed.

They optimize a balanced temperature over the entire surface of the pin cylinders. The temperature control system maintains the constant value chosen for the perforation process, thus uniformly heating the pins and guaranteeing a homogenous quality of the holes. When perforating with hot needles the hole is formed by melting and sublimating the film, forming a neat hole. It is ideal for perforation of both mono and bi-oriented film. The micro perforator has a hardened steel structure frame, with a high degree of rigidity.


  • Maximum Working Width = 1.600 mm;
  • Motor = Yes;
  • Maximum speed = 150 meters per minute;
  • Heating System = 8 Kw per meter;
  • Maximum Temperature = 400 C °;
  • Diameter of the holes = 0.3 mm – 2.8 mm;
  • Touchscreen Control System = Integrated;
  • Penetration Adjustment System = Yes.

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