Microperforator ZP10

The Microperforator ZP10 is a solution for the perforation and embossing of sheets of different materials such as PE, PP, PU, paper, aluminum and wood. Specially designed for the working of sheets in the lighting, acoustic and interior decoration industry, it is perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications, including food packaging.

The ZP10 does both perforation and embossing and works on most materials. It is designed to specifically work on sheets and it operates as a stand-alone unit. The unit is composed: by a feeder on which the operator inserts the unprocessed sheets, which are then driven in the machine by a motorized system, aided by a sensor, to be perforated.

A perforation group made of a perforation roller, on which the pin cylinders are mounted, and a counter roller, made of rubber, The latter brings the film into contact with the former.

A Penetration adjustment system allows, also in the working phase, to regulate the pressure between the counter roller and the perforation roller, determining in this way the diameter of the holes in the material.

Once the micro-perforation process is complete, the sheets are automatically collected on a collection table. The standard version of the ZP10 has a useful width of 600m or 1200m. Customized versions are available for specific needs.

MATERIALS = Wood, Aluminum, Paper, PP, PU, PE.

  • Useful width = 600 mm 1200 mm;
  • Type of unit = Micro-cold;
  • Motor = Yes;
  • Power Supply = 380 Volts 3 Phases + Ground Socket;
  • Air Pressure = 6 BAR;
  • Penetration adjustment = Yes;
  • Pneumatism = Yes.

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