Punching Unit HLP

The HLP is able to make holes on a moving web up to a maximum thickness of 800 microns. It makes round holes of big sizes on a moving web, mostly on plastic film. The great advantage of the HLP is the great adaptability to agricultural needs.

The HLP has a strong structure and it is designed for creating big holes (up to 100mm) such as those needed in agriculture (e.g. for mulching film). Designed to be installed on a hosting machine and compatible with all production lines, it guarantees perfect holes on a moving web. It makes both round and shaped holes. Round holes have a diameter between 2 and 50 mm. Shaped holes are all non-circular perforations, such as handles for bags and Euroslot (Mexican hat).

The HLP operates with multiple punching tools through which the film flows. The number of punching tools required depends on the customerís needs. A punching tool consists of a hammer (upper part) and a die (lower part) and its action is pneumatically controlled by specially designed electric valves. This unit operates at a maximum optimal frequency of 25 strokes per second, and a maximum speed of 150 meters per minute (depending on the material), thus adapting to the production line speed. The lower bar can be opened to facilitate the material threading and the changing of the dies. The substitution can be made without stopping the production process. The alignment of the punching tools is easy, fast and adjustable.

Thanks to the dovetails the punching tools can be manually moved along the bridge accordingly to the required perforation pattern. Each punching tool is electronically controlled, enabling the user to regulate the power, pressure and punching frequency singularly. The HLP is integrated with an innovative 4.0 software to set the punching tools, the desired pattern and frequency with a user-friendly graphic design. The software can be integrated into the machine or installed on a tablet or computer, allowing remote control. Thanks to its storage system, a virtually unlimited number of recipes can be set which consequently means the HLP easily adapts to different materials and thicknesses. Laserpin installs punching tools whose lifespan is five times higher than the top competitorsí.

MATERIALS = LDPE, HDPE, PP, Coated, FOAM, Paper, Biodegradable, Compostable.

  • Maximum Working Width = 5400 mm;
  • Maximum Material Thickness = 800 microns;
  • Minimum Cross Distance = 30 mm;
  • Maximum Speed = 150 meters / minute;
  • Maximum Frequency = 25 Hz;
  • Diameter of the holes = From 3 mm to 100 mm;
  • Software 4.0 = integrated;
  • Double bridge = no.

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