MICA Corporation
Film: Yes   No
Vac-Met: Yes   No
Inks: Yes   No
Alu: Yes   No
Paper: Yes   No


Mica Corporation offers water-based coatings that serve a variety of functions, such as; slip, barrier, matte, oxygen barrier, and heat-seal to aid in the production of high-quality converted products. All MICA coatings are environmentally responsible, safe and easy to use, and have a long storage and pot life.

  • Heat Seal

HME-104 is an aqueous emulsion designed to function as a heat-seal coating to provide water and grease resistance along with moisture barrier properties for paper. It can also be used as a seal/peel modifier to polyethylene.

Film No
Vac-Met No
Inks No
Alu No
Paper Yes
Type Aqueous emulsion of sealant
Solids ~40%
Appearance creamy white
pH at 250C Neutral
Viscosity at 250C ~400 centipoise
FDA Status 21 CFR 176.170 (aqueous and fatty foods on paper) and 21 CFR 176.180 (dry foods on paper)
Commercial or Developmental Developmental

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